Friday, October 18, 2013

Say Da to the Dress - Da Da Da by Trio


Some bands have a different view of the world. They don't fit neatly into categories or genres. Trio is such a band. They are minimalist, but without the seriousness you might think should go along with that. They use synths without being electronic. They avoid singing without rapping. They are a trio without the power.

Check out this weird and wonderful video for Da Da Da by Trio.

Nothing happens in this video and the scene does not change. Only three people appear in the video and all they do is play the song. I don't get bored, though. Just like the song the video is simple and mesmerizing.

Everything is white except the band's clothing and the umbrella.

The one guy in the back doesn't even play at all until the chorus, so he just sits there. I love that the band is committed to showing how the song is made. The only part of the song you don't see performed is the background vocals.

This guy sings. He is wearing a suit with a t-shirt. He also seems to have a button of some sort on his coat, but there is no information on it. That is minimalism. He has a keyboard in his pocket.

Yes, he is also happy to see you.

The drummer is very dedicated to never breaking character.

You have to admire that. Most people would be tempted to show off. This guy just keeps stone faced and plays the exact same thing over and over again.

Once the chorus starts we see that the other guy plays guitar.

Is that a lampshade on his head?

The whole trio is now rocking out. Notice that the singer never moves his feet the whole video.

Also, is he wearing sandals with socks? Or are those saddle shoes?

To keep us from excessive questioning he whips out his keyboard for a wicked solo.

They say he studied with Franz Liszt, pianist, Hungarian, ladies man, and unabashed Lisztomaniac.

The fact that Liszt died in 1886 is irrelevant.

After the chorus the band just listens to the sound of drumming and Casio keyboard beats.


Aha. This is awesome! What other band would do that? U2? No, they would use this part to place Bono on a cross, or put a crown of thorns on his head. Motley Crue? They'd fill the whole time with Tommy Lee twirling his drumsticks while looking straight into the camera menacingly. Trio find the perfect way to keep us interested during the song's downtime before the second verse.

During the pre-chorus section the drums stop and it is just Casio beats. During this time the drummer also sits down next to the guitar player.

Sometimes you need a rest.

The final chorus starts and everyone springs back into action.

The song is minimalist, the video is minimalist, and the singer's hair is minimalist. Even the keyboard size is at the minimal level. I've never seen or heard a band do so much with so little. They really let their freak flag fly with flapping, flowing fronds. They leave layering for laymen and let lyrics lay low. The elements of the song exist all at the same level. The drums, keyboard, guitar, and vocals are on the same plane in the same white room. None of them come to the forefront.

And the song is so fun!




  1. No mention of the room drifting about like a more relaxed version of Willy Wonka's elevator? Or perhaps it is the world that is moving like crazy while Trio provides a respite from the topsy-turvy-ness of the modern age.

  2. The most likely explanation is that the room was dropped out of an airplane or helicarrier. Maybe S.H.E.I.L.D. built a special room to contain Trio just in case.