About Another Flavor

Welcome to Another Flavor - A Music Video Blog!

You've seen music videos. You've seen blogs that bring you all the latest music videos. But where are the blogs discussing and reviewing music videos, past and present, and making jokes about them? Well, look no further because you have found such a blog.

Another Flavor posts once a day Monday through Friday. Here is the general schedule:
Monday - Feature post about a music video. In depth analysis and superficial jokes.
Tuesday - Twosday side-by-side video comparison. We look at two videos with something in common.
Wednesday - Another feature post just like on Monday.
Thursday - Sartorial Sursday. Artists in music videos carefully choose how to dress and they are terrible at it.
Friday - Free-for-all Friday. This could be another music video feature (and frequently is) or anything else. We let our inhibitions run wild on Friday.

About the author:
PTD writes the posts for Another Flavor. He is a twenty-something, white, middle-class landowner living in Chicago. He enjoys music, videos, music videos, and tiny elephants. He was not raised by bears or by a wolf pack. He can be reached at ptdanotherflavor@gmail.com.