Tuesday, October 22, 2013

1 Song 2 Song Red Song Blue Song - Song 2 by Blur

Take a look at this comic from Nothing Nice to Say:

As you can see, there is no underestimating the power of rock. For example, Song 2 by Blur:

This video shows a group of men who rock so hard they blow themselves away. At the end, their faces are intact, but they are knocked down. Do they get up again? Can you ever keep them down?

The video starts calmly enough.

As Dorothy Parker said, "Either this wallpaper goes or I kill Oscar Wilde."

Then things start to happen. Woo...


The band is rocking out as hard as they can. Not the whole band, though. The bass player tries so hard to be cool that he almost is.

"Like, I don't even care, man. Like, you know? Whatever."

The band uses some pointlessly strange lighting.

It's like there's a ghost story in his eye.

The band starts getting knocked back by the rock. The cool is knocked right out of the bass player as he hits the wall.

The singer tries to jump over the rock, but is still knocked back.

The drummer gets knocked right off his throne.

The verse comes back around and the bass player tries to go back to being cool.

It's not working, dude. We know who you really are. We saw you eating ice cream.

That ice cream eating motherfucker gives up on the cool and starts to rock out. Smoke starts coming from somewhere, it's not clear where.

It gets extremely windy in there, Mabbus.

One time my cat, Mabbus, was sitting in a window. There was a gust of wind and he got frightened. I realized that he does not like the wind. Now if he is sitting somewhere he shouldn't be I blow on him and say, "It's windy in here, Mabbus." All of my comments related to wind are forever directed at that cat.

It's also smoky in there, Mabbus.

The guitars are literally blown out of their hands and the singer is knocked over.

There's just too much rock. I love that they are playing the rock, but are also effected by it as if it is an outside force. The video lasts two minutes and is a delightful little blast.

Join me tomorrow when we return to the world of normal wall coverings.


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