Monday, January 13, 2014

Wherever You Are, There You Go - Nighttime with Dani Deahl and Animale

This is the time of year when I get antsy. I'm tired of it being dark all the time! Right now the sun sets around 4:30 PM and that means that I go to work in the dark and return from work in the dark. I start to look out the window around 4:15 PM to determine the exact time the sun actually sets. As you can imagine, I am extremely productive at work.

Since nothing I can do will ever solve this problem (with the possible exception of not having a job) I think I need to learn to deal with the dark. I enjoy being in bed by 10 PM and waking up in time to have a couple cups of coffee before work. Some people, though, stay out late having fun and wake up the next day at 11 AM at work and fully clothed. I think I need to become like those people so, rather than lamenting the night, I can rejoice in it. It helps a bit that Chicago at night looks absolutely gorgeous:

The problem, of course, is that to get that view I need to be standing in the middle of Lake Michigan. I'm not interested in drowning.

EDM is all the rage now and it is definitely the music of the night. EDM is named after its creator, Edward David Music, and is music made electronically for dancing. Rather than relying on the traditional verse/chorus structure of pop music, EDM generally is more free flowing and builds to the point when the bass "drops". I have no idea what that means, and no article I have ever read explains it, so I'll just make up my own definition. I highly recommend you do the same.

From what I can tell, EDM appeals to free spirited young people who enjoy dancing and pill-based drugs. So I can enjoy this music too, I've decided to adopt a hip, young philosophy which is, "Wherever you are, there you go." The core to this philosophy is to always be leaving. Wherever I am, I want to be going somewhere else. That's what young people do, right? I feel like they always are headed to the next party. So there you go. Or there I go. Whatever.

You might think that EDM is just for people in Spain or Las Vegas where there are few laws and no clocks. That simply isn't the case. There are even people here in Chicago making this music! One such person is Dani Deahl (she really missed an opportunity when she didn't name herself DJ Dani Deahl) and she appears here with someone named Animale (I assume it is pronounced ani-male).

Check it out. Thunderbolt by Dani Deahl and Animale:

So this, along with my wherever you are, there you go philosophy, is the model for my new life.

Most people try to run inside when it starts to rain, but I will remain out in it just like the woman in this video.

I normally wear pants, but not anymore.

I think it is really practical to wear tiny shorts and super high boots. You get almost all of the coverage of pants, but you only need to wash the tiny shorts. I think this must result in great savings on laundry.

I will no longer be jealous of others. Here in the video we see a man in a weird cloak and a man in an enormous sombrero. These are both really practical items of clothing for the rain.

The woman does not get upset that she didn't think to wear either of those things. She just keeps dancing.

The video also seems to have an animal (ani-male?) theme.

I'll try to develop empathy for our ani-male brethren by donning an ani-male mask for a few hours a day.

I will also wear ani-male ears while going about my day.

I'll also try to make sure that part of my day consists of kissing men in the rain.

When handling fire, I will also make sure to wear an ani-male hat.

The primal nature of the hat protects you from burning.

I think this video has really got me on the right track for enjoying the night. I'm especially excited about getting soaking wet and dressing in furs.

This video also does a pretty good job of making me interested in a type of music I normally ignore. It also has titles at the opening, which you know I love.

Something that didn't really do it for me was the shocking reveal at the end. Throughout the video there have been two people in masks dancing. They begin to take off their masks.

The excitement is really mounting. Who could they be? Kanye West and Kim Kardashian? George and Barbara Bush? We, as viewers, have literally no idea. The fact that they are removing their masks must mean that they are important.

We finally get a good shot of their faces and they are...

Who? I had to do research on the internet (which I hate doing) to figure out that these people are Dani Deahl and Animale. I guess if you already know what they look like then you might be delighted by this reveal, but music videos should serve as advertisement for you as an artist. If someone already knows what you look like then you don't really need to be advertising to them.

Whatever, it's not a big deal. I just don't like ending a video on a let down.

Since I'm here, I better get going, though. I'll see you tomorrow for Twosday!


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