Thursday, January 16, 2014

Satorial Sursday: Cyndi Lauper Dresses Ridiculously and I Love It

Welcome to Satorial Sursday here on Another Flavor! Every Sursday we discuss the crazy clothing and general appearance of people in music videos.

I don't have a ton of time so I'll try to keep this brief. I was shocked to discover that I'd never written about Cyndi Lauper on Another Flavor, especially on a Sursday. I mean, just look at her!

Specifically, this look:

Her whole look is a combination of formal and hobo. She wears a formal prom-type dress and a formal hat. The way she has the hat jauntily tilted, though, really ruins any formality it might have had. The collar/shoulder covering thing on her dress just screams cheapness. Also, she wears chain belts on the outside of the dress. What are they holding up? Is she wearing invisible pants? I refuse to accept belts only for fashion. Finally we have her strange gloves and wrist things. Are those puffy wrist poofs attached to the gloves or separate? The overall effect is one of delightful whimsy and ramshackle charm.

Also, her hair color is fantastic. It is one of those colors that no real person has ever had. Why should we limit ourselves to colors found in nature for our hair? There is no reason.

There are some other fun outfits in this video.

I'm not really talking about the dad character, but he is wearing a real winner here. Lauper is wearing what I first assumed were pajamas. Now I'm not so sure. Is it just a really unflattering pants suits of some sort? Is it a work jumpsuit? No matter what it is, it is fun.

The final outfit we'll look at is this one:

Those glasses are so cool. They are those terrible 1950s glasses, but are also sunglasses. She is wearing a nice red dress with punk-rock type chains on her wrists. Again we have a bizarre contrast.

If I didn't really like Cyndi Lauper I might think that her look is a contrived hipster-ish thrift-store-based ironic joke. But she just seems to be having so much fun. And girls just wanna have fun. They just wanna. I'll assume women want to have fun, too. But maybe not just have fun.


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