Thursday, January 2, 2014

Sartorial Sursday: The Hairstyle of the Overcrowded Future - Word Up by Cameo

Welcome to Sartorial Sursday here on Another Flavor! Every Sursday we discuss the general appearance of a person in a music video. Today we'll be looking at a man with a style so unique, so radical, that you could plotz. And you should. Look at this:

Specifically, look at this man:

I think we can all agree this is awesome. He is wearing a tight, stretchy, black tank top. This is over tight, stretchy, blue pants. Since all of his clothes are tight and stretchy, the clothing was a little too racy. You probably wouldn't be able to pay attention to the song because you'd be staring at his crotch. He cleverly avoids that be wearing a bright red, shiny cod piece. Now we don't even notice his crotch!

Why is he sitting like that? Is he on a throne? Is that the most comfortable he can be given the skin tight clothing an inflexible cod piece? Is he not actually sitting but crouching weirdly with his arms out? It's basically the coolest way to sit, in my opinion.

I also love his mustache. It gives him a serious look, like he is always frowning.

Finally, his hair. There was a period where this hairstyle was called a cameo cut because of this man. It is now usually called a hi-top fade. It is a highly practical hairstyle for the modern world. In the past, if you wanted to have an outrageous hairstyle, you might go with something like this:

Now, though, this hairstyle simply takes up too much space. The world's population is always growing, yet the amount of land remains the same. In Japan, which is famously crowded, apartments are getting smaller and smaller to accommodate the number of people. The typical Japanese family needs to raise their arms over their heads in order to fit into their homes. There's just no room to build anywhere but up. This means that your hair, no matter how ridiculous, cannot extend past your shoulders. This is really limiting!

Hairstyles need to adjust. The singer of Cameo hinted at what is possible in this area. Some later achievements include this person from Desireless:

And the House Party series.

This is hair that really stands out, but still allows you to live in a three foot by three foot closet. Someday we'll all be living like that, sleeping standing up on top of our possessions. We'll be glad to still have good hairstyle options. Thank you, Cameo, for teaching us how to have ridiculous hair for the future.


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